Target group:

  • Quality management system representatives, people with assigned obligations within the functioning of the quality management system
  • People dedicated to work on the positions included in the quality management systems, quality specialists, quality engineers
  • Mid-level production management (shift managers, plant managers, production managers)
  • Senior management

Training agenda:

  • IATF16949:2016 + ISO9001:2015 – discussing the concept of changes
  • Scope of the standard, normative references, terms and definitions
  • Organizational context
  • Leadership – management commitment, policy, organizational roles, responsibility and authority
  • Planning – risks and chances, contingency plans, quality objectives and actions to achieve them
  • Support – human resources, infrastructure, environment for the operation of processes, resources for monitoring and measurement, competence, awareness, communication, management of documentation and knowledge of the organization
  • Operations – planning, customer’s requirements review, designing, supervision of the externally delivered processes, products and services, deliveries of production and services, product and service release, supervision of non-compliant outputs
  • Performance evaluation – monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation –   customer satisfaction assessment, internal audits, management review
  • Improvements – non-compliance and corrective actions, continuous improvement

The program is subject to change according to individual customer requirements.

Training duration: 2 working days (dates to be agreed)

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