processes management

Thanks to our extensive technical competences and many years of experience in the production industry, we can provide full engineering support for your company’s projects.

We offer assistance in the event of staff shortages in specific areas and management of the engineering process from the ground up. The specificity of the automotive industry and cooperation with OEM manufacturers obliges us to constantly develop the offered products, optimize implemented processes, and improve the quality of customer service.

Our team consists of qualified engineers who know the current market needs and accurately define the areas of our clients’ activities in which effective changes should be made.

As part of our engineering offer, we implement projects in individual areas:

We know how to plan and manage the whole production process to make it as effective as possible. That is why we offer our clients full support in the field of process engineering at all its stages – from the initial design, through implementation and process development, through optimizations supported by audits, ultimately aimed at improving the product itself.

We are aware of the importance of ensuring the quality of deliveries (SQA) in production, which is why we monitor the quality of the materials used on an ongoing basis, constantly cooperating with our suppliers.

We support our customers also by comprehensive handling of complaint processes.

The production process, especially in the automotive industry, must be of the highest quality. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of our audits, we know what solutions should be introduced to improve the production process.

We have extensive experience in the PPAP process (Production Part Approval Process) which is a key element to provide quality of products in the field of automation; we have been given a PSW document – A Submitted Part Warranty.

We know that the proper management of the production process requires its constant supervision. A given person or team is fully involved in one specific project, so when you start cooperation with our company, you can count on the constant support of our engineer on a 24/7 basis, which allows us to immediately respond to any problems.

Members of our team have both high technical and interpersonal qualifications, therefore they can represent interests of the supplier on the area of the customer’s plant and build appropriate client-supplier relations.

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